We all know that restrictions can stimulate creativity. Many designers and artists sought new ways to express their ideas during the Covid19-lockdown in the spring of 2020.

Inspired by this unusual period in time Forbo­­­­ designers Thomas and Marijke initiated an exciting plan; they offered a selected group of creatives a pinboard with Bulletin Board of 60 x 60 cm and invited them to use it in any way they wanted. The only restriction in the project is the dimension of the board (which is 60 x 60cm hence the name 0.36m2). The Bulletin Board (pinboard linoleum) that we produce at ­Forbo Flooring is a natural material. Smit Visual in Geldrop on applied the pinboard linoleum to a MDF panel, resulting in a beautiful board ready to be used.

The invited creatives include a wide ­range of professions, backgrounds and ages: the results of the pinboards are therefore just as varied. Marijke Griffioen: "It is very intimate and inspiring to see the different ways in which creatives think and create. The pin-board shows in a light hearted way a moment in time of a work in progress like a captured freeze frame of a train of thoughts."

All participants were asked to make a frontal picture of their finished board, as well as a picture of the board in their workspace, whether this is at home or somewhere else. In this way, there is a triptych of each participant: the person, the board and the room. These images are posted on Instagram.

In this publication we show the boards in the workspaces together with a short text about the board and its maker.

On the inside of the dust jacket of this booklet we included an overview with close up’s of all the boards.